Eminem just dropped a surprise album called ‘Kamikaze’ and people are into it

Eminem fans woke up to a big surprise this morning.  The Detroit rapper released his new album Kamikaze without warning late on Thursday. Eminem  announced it on Twitter in classic Em fashion, middle finger raised ‘n’ all.  SEE ALSO: Nicki Minaj blamed a baby for her album sales, and Twitter

People think Guy Fieri is a better philanthropist than Elon Musk

Guy Fieri isn’t just the mayor of Flavortown. He’s a national hero.  As the Carr fire scorches through Northern California, becoming the seventh most destructive fire in the state’s history, Guy Fieri rushed to feed the thousands of first responders and evacuees. Some people think the celebrity chef has been

Scott Pruitt’s resignation has inspired as many memes as he had scandals

The internet is collectively rejoicing now that Scott Pruitt has resigned as EPA head.  Trump announced Pruitt’s resignation, effective Monday, through Twitter. The now former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator not only did the complete opposite of protecting the environment with Reagan-like policies, but also led an administration ridden with ridiculous

This summer, I’m bringing back the tiny fans of my youth

For anyone who grew up attending a school that, come the first day above 65 degrees, became a steaming sauna of pre-teen sweat, dragging oneself from one overheated classroom to another was a terrible fact of life.  And though I don’t know how things went down at your school, I

A stuffed anteater just took down the winner of a wildlife photography competition

A taxidermied anteater, of all things, is at the center of a scandal plaguing a global wildlife photography competition.  The Natural History Museum in London announced Friday that it has disqualified a winning photo from its 2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. The image, titled “The night raider” by

Art student made Owen Wilson’s ‘wow’ into an absolute work of art

This takes Owen Wilson’s signature “wow” to a whole new level. Savannah Lopett, a soon-to-be graduate from College of Charleston, made the Owen Wilson “wow” meme into a work of art for her Sculpting 1 class, and the result is truly a masterpiece. SEE ALSO: This artist’s comic series illustrates

10 endlessly fascinating websites to waste your time on

The internet is a vast, wonderful trove of information. There’s so much to learn from a seemingly endless supply of resources. From video lectures about particle physics to step-by-step tutorials about starting urban farms — there are so many ways to learn more about, well, everything. If you’re like a

Dancers prove you can dance to anything, even the Mii Channel theme song

If you ever think there’s nothing to dance to, you aren’t looking hard enough.  Lil Kida (@LILKID8) and Jabari Timmons (@JABARITIMMONS) proved that you can dance to anything by shaking their way through the Wii’s Mii Channel theme song and kicking off the #WiiChallenge.  They combined popular moves to the