I went full wireless charging with the iPhone X

RAVPower wireless charging stand/pad/portable charger $49.99/39.99/65.99 View Product The Good Makes you forget about wires The Bad Placing the phone correctly on some of the chargers can be fiddly • Not as fast as advertised The Bottom Line RAVPower’s trio of fast wireless chargers made me forget my iPhone X’s

Vivo V9 Review: Living with the Android notch

TL;DR review: The Vivo V9 is one of the first Android smartphones to sport an iPhone X-like notch. But it’s far cheaper than its role model, and it performs well — especially in the selfie department. The rear camera won’t wow you, though.  Cool Factor: 😎😎😎 (3 out of 5)

Apple rolls out new software to take over classrooms

The iPad isn’t the only Apple product invading classrooms this year.  The company has announced a new “Schoolwork” app that helps teachers assign students activities from third-party apps, such as iBooks or Swift Playgrounds.  SEE ALSO: Apple’s expanding list of original TV shows won’t arrive until at least March 2019

Nvidia just unveiled a terrifying AI supercomputer

Nvidia has unveiled several updates to its deep-learning computing platform, including an absurdly powerful GPU and supercomputer.  At this year’s GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang unveiled the DGX-2, a new computer for researchers who are “pushing the outer limits of deep-learning research and computing” to

Facebook’s latest scandal knocked $40 billion off its market value

It’s not a great time to own Facebook stock. The social media company’s market valuation fell by roughly $40 billion on Monday following the revelation that the Trump-linked, U.K.-based company Cambridge Analytica harvested information from 50 million Facebook profiles without user consent. The company’s stock price was down 6.8 percent

Apple is reportedly working on its own MicroLED screens

Apple is working on a new type of LED display in a secret facility in California, Bloomberg reported Monday. The screen tech, called MicroLED, is similar to OLED in some respects (both don’t require backlight and offer better contrast than LCDs) but has better brightness and consumes less energy. However,

Ethereum and Ripple reach new all-time highs while Bitcoin stagnates

Image: shutterstock Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. It’s another green day in the world of cryptocurrencies, with all of the ten largest coins rising significantly in value in the last

Ripple is now the second largest cryptocurrency, behind Bitcoin

Image: Wit Olszewski/shutterstock After a period of tremendous growth, the banking-oriented cryptocurrency Ripple has overtaken Ethereum and is currently the second largest coin in terms of market cap behind Bitcoin.  Ripple’s price rose 42.7 percent in the last 24 hours alone according to CoinMarketCap, with its market cap surging to