Trump states could feel the most pain in the widening trade battle. Here’s a look at the impact

As the U.S. and its trading partners continue to ratchet up trade tensions, some states can expect to feel a much bigger economic impact than others, according to data compiled by the nation’s largest business lobbying group. Read more about this at

Michael D’Antonio: What Ivanka’s smile can’t hide

Ivanka Trump stayed in character in Jerusalem on Monday, blessing her father’s decision to open the United States Embassy there. She watched as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin pulled the cord on a curtain to unveil a plaque. Then, dressed all in creamy white, and with microphone in hand, she beamed

Trump cancels S America trip to monitor Syria response

President Donald Trump has scrapped a planned trip to South America, set to begin Friday, to remain in the United States and “oversee the American response to Syria and to monitor developments around the world,” the White House said on Tuesday. Read more about this at