Pentagon restricts fitness trackers, mobile devices using GPS functions citing ‘significant risk’ to deployed forces

Military troops and other defense personnel at sensitive bases or certain high-risk warzone areas won’t be allowed to use fitness tracker or cellphone applications that can reveal their location, according to a new Pentagon order.

Alice Marie Johnson calls America ‘country of second chances,’ hopeful Trump will ‘follow up’ with cases like hers

Alice Marie Johnson, the woman whose life sentence was commuted by President Trump last month, called America “a country of second chances” and said that she believes Trump will “follow up” with more situations like hers.

Defiant Strzok testifies anti-Trump texts rooted in ‘deep patriotism,’ Republicans blast ‘textbook bias’

A defiant Peter Strzok testified that his political opinions including anti-Trump texts exchanged in 2016 were rooted in “deep patriotism,” as GOP lawmakers blasted the FBI official for “textbook bias” in his first public hearing before Congress. Read more about this at