‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ will have more than 60 characters

The new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is almost here, and it will include every character in Smash Bros. history. We’re talking Snake, Ice Climbers, Wolf. Oh, and say hello to newcomer Ridley!  Read more… More about Mashable Video, Fifa, Esports, Ubisoft, and Legend Of Zelda Read more about this at

This VR game lets you slash to beat with lightsabers

Beat Saber is a mashup of Fruit Ninja and Guitar Hero. The goal of this VR game is to slash the cubes that come at you while avoiding obstacles and keeping a beat. Read more… More about Music, Mashable Video, Vr, Rhythm, and Mashable Video Read more about this at

How we really feel when watching the ‘Bumblebee’ trailer

The cutest Transformers star is getting his own movie! Watch our take on the highly anticipated ‘Bumblebee’ trailer, in which we only give it sound effects and bad accents. Read more… More about Movies, Robots, Mashable Video, Movie, and Trailer Read more about this at mashable.com.

Witness the emotional moment a kid sees colors correctly for the first time

EJ Denny parents gifted him color blindness glasses to give their son the ability to experience the colors of nature for the first time. Video courtesy of tt-creative.com Read more… More about Technology, Mashable Video, Social Good, Human Interest, and Feel Good Read more about this at mashable.com.