The Worst Part Of Dating Is ‘The Talking Stage’

Unsplash / David Fanuel You met someone you liked and exchanged numbers. Now you have been texting back and forth. You have been sending spontaneous snaps. You have been liking each other’s pictures and commenting on statuses. You have made it clear you are interested in each other — but

Date Someone Who Was Born On May 29

Unsplash / Toa Heftiba Date someone who was born on May 29 because they are spring babies. They were born during the season of sunshine, the season of growth and blossoming beauty, which makes them more optimistic. When their world tailspins in the wrong direction, they find a way to

I’m The Toxic Person You Were Warned Not To Date

Unsplash / Ryan Jacobson I am socially awkward. Your friends are never going to tell you how lucky you are to have me, because they will never see the good sides of me. When you go to the bathroom and I am left alone with them, I will have nothing

Sometimes Bad Timing Makes A Big Difference

Some people like to claim that love transcends everything. That if someone wanted to be with you, if they did not want to miss their chance with you, then they would find a way to make a relationship work with you right away. Even if they had baggage. Even if

Modern Dating Doesn’t Always Suck

Quote Catalog Most of the time, modern dating sucks. You might get ghosted. You might get stuck in an almost relationship. You might get your hopes up and then end up heartbroken. But once in a while, you will find someone who is worthy of your time. Someone who texts

The Only Way A Relationship Works The Second Time

Unsplash / Parker Whitson It will only work the second time if you trust the other person has changed. If you believe them when they say they are never going to hurt you again. If your head, and not just your heart, thinks getting back together is a good idea.

I Lied To You

Unsplash / Joshua Rawson-Harris I lied when I acted like I was okay with keeping things casual. I was never satisfied with being just a friend to you. I wanted to be your girlfriend. I wanted a label. I wanted to hold your hand in public and swap kisses on