See Trump sing ‘God Bless America’

During a “Celebration of America” ceremony at the White House with Eagles fans, President Trump appears to stumble through a rendition of “God Bless America.” Read more about this at

Trump’s disgraceful order via Twitter may haunt him

Paul Callan notes that President Trump’s “demand” for an investigation of the FBI’s actions regarding his campaign is a disturbing break from a tradition of non-interference by the White House in criminal probes. Read more about this at

In this W House, even a phone ban won’t stop leaks

The dustup over a White House aide’s crass remark about Sen. John McCain’s health has once again inflamed the White House’s frustration with staffers who reveal the inner workings of the West Wing to reporters outside the building. Despite active efforts to flush out administration leakers — including machines used

White House officials balk at Giuliani’s media blitz

Some White House officials and a source close to President Donald Trump’s legal team continue to balk at Rudy Giuliani’s media blitz following his first eyebrow-raising interview last week with Fox News host Sean Hannity. Read more about this at

Trump cancels S America trip to monitor Syria response

President Donald Trump has scrapped a planned trip to South America, set to begin Friday, to remain in the United States and “oversee the American response to Syria and to monitor developments around the world,” the White House said on Tuesday. Read more about this at