Amid record-high STD rates, ‘super gonorrhea’ could be coming to a town near you

Like getting it on? NICE! But, um, still protect yourself. Times are tough, and the CDC is warning people about the increasing rates of STDs. Oh, also gonorrhea is starting to become more resistant to antibiotics. Have fun, but take care! Read more… More about Health, Mashable Video, Cdc, Sti,

We could detect Alzheimer’s with an eye test in the near future

Participants of the Memory and Aging Project at Washington University’s Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center found out they had an increased chance of developing Alzheimer’s after an analysis of the condition of their eyes. Now researchers think a simple eye exam could help detect the deadly disease, and save lives

Federal judge blocks Kentucky’s Medicaid work requirements

A federal judge says Kentucky can’t require poor people to get a job to keep their Medicaid benefits, chastising President Donald Trump’s administration for rubber-stamping the new rules without considering how many people would lose their health coverage. Read more about this at