Cold food is the best food

We can all agree that food served fresh from the oven is delicious, right? But as a food connoisseur and passionate eater I’m here to tell you there’s something even better than hot food: cold food. To be clear, I’m not talking about foods like ice cream that are normally

Sacha Baron Cohen tricks food critic into approving ‘ethical’ cannibalism

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America has made it clear that no one is exempt from the comedian’s satirical skewering. The latest unfortunate victim is food critic Bill Jilla, whom Cohen convinces to eat (fake) human flesh while masquerading as a Michelin star-seeking chef. SEE ALSO: Sacha Baron Cohen’s interview

Whole Foods only follows Beyoncé and Sting on Instagram. WHY?

Whole Foods, my close personal friend, what’s going on? The supermarket and Jeff Bezos clique member has long been the place where I occasionally buy salad bar food that always ends up being just okay. But now there’s another facet to our relationship: we’re both following Beyoncé and Sting on

Alibaba has an idea to stop porch pirates: A temperature-controlled ‘smart’ locker outside your door

Alibaba developed a concept smart locker called the Cainiao Box. It allows packages to be delivered when someone isn't home to receive them, keep food deliveries warm or cool and can expand to accommodate large packages. Read more about this at