Eminem just dropped a surprise album called ‘Kamikaze’ and people are into it

Eminem fans woke up to a big surprise this morning.  The Detroit rapper released his new album Kamikaze without warning late on Thursday. Eminem  announced it on Twitter in classic Em fashion, middle finger raised ‘n’ all.  SEE ALSO: Nicki Minaj blamed a baby for her album sales, and Twitter

Cold food is the best food

We can all agree that food served fresh from the oven is delicious, right? But as a food connoisseur and passionate eater I’m here to tell you there’s something even better than hot food: cold food. To be clear, I’m not talking about foods like ice cream that are normally

How Airbnb went from renting air beds for $10 to a $30 billion hospitality behemoth

Happy 10th anniversary Airbnb. When we first wrote about the company a decade ago, it was a spare website cobbled together by its founders for the low low price of $20,000. AirBed And Breakfast Takes Pad Crashing To A Whole New Level In the years since, the marketplace Airbnb created

People think Guy Fieri is a better philanthropist than Elon Musk

Guy Fieri isn’t just the mayor of Flavortown. He’s a national hero.  As the Carr fire scorches through Northern California, becoming the seventh most destructive fire in the state’s history, Guy Fieri rushed to feed the thousands of first responders and evacuees. Some people think the celebrity chef has been