FCC Makes Internet Harder for Poor People to Access

The Federal Communications Commission voted 3 to 2 on Thursday to repeal net neutrality protections. The decision is a blow for consumers, and a win for internet service companies like Verizon and Comcast, which gain the power to dramatically reshapeand limitthe way Americans access the internet. Net neutrality, a series

These 5 people will determine the future of the internet

viral segment John OliverAlyssa MilanoMark RuffaloOn Dec. 14, the FCC will decide whether to undo Obama-era rules protecting net neutrality, a core component of the open internet that ensures internet service providers (ISPs) treat all data that passes through their systems the same. draft proposal Title IIno authority to make rules

FCC Wants to Kill Net Neutrality. Congress Will Pay the Price

FCC chair Ajit Pai’s plan to repeal net neutrality provisions and reclassify broadband providers from “common carriers” to “information services” is an unprecedented giveaway to big broadband providers and a danger to the internet. The move would mean the FCC would have almost no oversight authority over broadband providers like