Reporter Who Traveled With Trump Through Texas Shuts Down His Tweet About Witnessing Flood Devastation ‘First Hand’

This week, Texas saw disappointment and disaster like no other… when Donald Trump tried to turn a crowd of devastated flood victims into a re-election rally.

Sure, the president’s cartoonish charisma may have picked up the morale — that’s his version of Barack Obama‘s human empathy, after all — but it looks like he also exaggerated how deep he plunged into the wreckage.

After leaving Houston, POTUS tweeted a message of support to the people of Texas, saying he witnessed the devastation left by the Hurricane Harvey “first hand.”

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Okay, seems fair. We saw him down there (plugging some Trump-USA hats, but we’ll take what we can get from this guy) speaking to crowds. Maybe this one tweet is genuine and not completely fabricated?

LOL… yeah right! One of the responses came from White House correspondent Andrew Beatty, who claimed he traveled with the president — and clarified they didn’t come close to anything he would consider calling a “first hand” experience:

Now, that’s more like it!

We don’t know what’s worse: Trump not giving a shit about the honesty of his tweets, or him actually believing he saw the worst parts of the flood.

Because sadly, both scenarios are just as likely to be possible.

[Image via Instagram.]

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