Nextdoor turns to real estate listings for monetization

Nextdoor, the social media platform for neighborhoods, is rolling out a real estate listings feature, showcasing housing for sale in local communities. The idea is to formalize behavior that’s been happening organically, suggests CEO Nirav Tolia. “These real estate conversations are already happening,” he said, so Nextdoor wanted to devote

An Israeli teen allegedly sold bomb threat services on the dark web

A security guard stands outside the entrance to the David Posnack Jewish Community Center and David Posnack Jewish Day School after people were evacuated because of a bomb threat, in Davie, Florida.Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock An Israeli teenager named Michael Kadar stands accused of sending bomb threats to 245 Jewish Community Centers

Heres the 22nd batch of 500 Startups companies

500 Startups is ramping up its next batch of companies in its early-stage startup program, which this time consists of 36 startups. The firms pitch to companies entering the accelerator has generally been that it can better help support growth and marketing efforts. So a lot of the companies youll

Tech companies talk tough but don’t mention Trump where it counts

Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock Tech companies that have been taking a stand against Donald Trump in the press are silent where it countstheir earnings reports. Almost no major tech companies have mentioned President Donald Trump in their quarterly earnings reports as posing a risk to their businesses. Google, Facebook, Apple, and the

It’s not in Peter’s best interest to be the next ‘Bachelor’ and here’s why

Pals, Monday night’s The Bachelorette finale was wild. Rachel sent home a crowd favorite, there was a very long, agonizing breakup, and it all culminated in an extremely windy, hollow-ish proposal that didn’t seem quite right. We’re here to clear up another thing, though: Peter should not be the next

More pseudo-ransomware attacks are probably on the way

In a new report examining cybersecurity trends for the quarter, it sounds like ransomware emphasis on the air quotes will remain very much in vogue through 2017. The last few months saw some major malware moments, most notably the WannaCry and NotPetya (a.k.a. ExPetr/Nyetya/Petya) attacks. Kaspersky Labs quarterly report suggests

Russian bots and influencers turn on Republicans

Maybe one of them is a bot.Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock Back in March, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham talked about Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election at a CNN town hall, and he had a message for members of his party. “I promise you, we could be next. SEE ALSO: China starts

HBO hack ransom note: Watch the video, set to Game of Thrones music

HBO is at the center of a massive cyberattack putting 1.5 terabytes of valuable intellectual property and private information at risk. Now the hackers who purportedly executed the attack are back to brag about it. The hackers who dumped unreleased HBO show scripts, videos, internal documents, emails, and more last

Partition of India: Objects that tell the story of history’s largest mass migration

(CNN)This month marks 70 years since the Partition of India, a momentous event now receding from view. In many Indian and Pakistani families like mine, “Partition” has become a word unspoken, shrouded in silence and sheathed with painful memories. A personal connection Having settled in Delhi, the families of all

Apple’s Instagram account is asking you for help, and honestly it’s sad

What upppppppppppp, my fellow coolz?Image: Ambar Del Moral/mashable Apple finally joined Instagram this week, and boy is it excited about the big news. So excited, in fact, that it just had to open up the revolutionary experience to its adoring fans. The company that forever redefined the cell phone really

The new wave of Brazilian SaaS innovators

Diego Gomes is the publisher of SaaSholic, a blog about the growing SaaS market in Brazil and the software sectors founders. He is the co-founder and CMO of Rock Content, the largest content marketing company in Brazil, and former editor of the ReadWriteWeb blog in Brazil. The SaaS market in