Inside the Alexa Prize

The first interactor—a muscular man in his fifties with a shaved head and a black V-neck sweater—walks into a conference room and sits in a low-slung blue armchair before a phalanx of video cameras and studio lights. He’s brightly lit. The rest of the room is totally dark. He gazes

Alexa has literally lost her voice as users report outages and unresponsiveness

Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant seems to be down this morning. We’ve been hearing reports over the last hour of either delayed responses or just total loss of connection. While Amazon doesn’t have a status page for its consumer products, Down Detector is reporting a huge spike in Alexa-related complaints over

7 Reasons Why People Who Marry A Pisces End Up The Happiest

@tishon.jnobaptiste 1. Pisces are creative and passionate. Pisces are always lost in their own thoughts, but when it comes to relationships, this is a big benefit. They’re often daydreaming about you, about your future together, about what you two have the potential to be. They are passionate to a fault,

Hillary Clinton to speak at Yale graduation event

BREAKING: Hillary Rodham Clinton LAW ‘73, the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, will be this year’s Class Day Speaker. — Yale Daily News (@yaledailynews) February 27, 2018 Class Day is scheduled the day before the Ivy League school’s commencement ceremony. “When Secretary Clinton spoke at her Wellesley graduation

California has worst ‘quality of life’ in US, study says

Karen Souza, 55, poses for a portrait with her dog Handsome by the tent in which she lives, under a freeway on a street in Los Angeles.  (Reuters) POST-BANKRUPTCY CALIFORNIA CITY TESTS ‘UNIVERSAL’ INCOME FOR RESIDENTS A 2017 Harvard University report said that one-third of renters in the Los Angeles

25 Uncomfortable Things You Have To Accept If You Ever Want To Be Truly Comfortable With Who You Are

Nsey Benajah / Unsplash 1. If you think that you could or should be doing better in life, you are probably right. 2. You will not be good at everything, but if you read between the lines of your life, you’ll see that the things that pain you, intrigue you

‘I take 200 selfies a day’

Skip Instagram post by junaidahmedx Natural vibes 👌💋 A post shared by Junaid Ahmed (@junaidahmedx) on Jan 22, 2018 at 1:04pm PST Report An urge to take selfies and upload them on social media more than six times a day is chronic selfitis, according to researchers at the Nottingham Trent

Rick Santorum Blames Absent Dads And Broken Homes For Mass Shooters

“Gun control is a debate that we need to have,” Santorum said on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. However, he also said there was “another debate” we should have, and that’s “the fact that these kids come from broken homes without dads.” See the full discussion in the clip above.