Heres the 22nd batch of 500 Startups companies

500 Startups is ramping up its next batch of companies in its early-stage startup program, which this time consists of 36 startups. The firms pitch to companies entering the accelerator has generally been that it can better help support growth and marketing efforts. So a lot of the companies youll

More pseudo-ransomware attacks are probably on the way

In a new report examining cybersecurity trends for the quarter, it sounds like ransomware emphasis on the air quotes will remain very much in vogue through 2017. The last few months saw some major malware moments, most notably the WannaCry and NotPetya (a.k.a. ExPetr/Nyetya/Petya) attacks. Kaspersky Labs quarterly report suggests

The new wave of Brazilian SaaS innovators

Diego Gomes is the publisher of SaaSholic, a blog about the growing SaaS market in Brazil and the software sectors founders. He is the co-founder and CMO of Rock Content, the largest content marketing company in Brazil, and former editor of the ReadWriteWeb blog in Brazil. The SaaS market in

Lambda School aims to cash in by upskilling untapped talent

As the saying goes, the future is already here its just not very evenly distributed. Also not evenly distributed: Access to the expensive education typically needed to stand a chance of obtaining one of the jobs of the future. Y Combinator backedLambda School is hoping to change this, with a

Personal Audio loses its appeal for podcasting patent

A year after taking up the case, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has ruled in favor of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in its challenge against podcasting patent troll, Personal Audio. The decision is a massive relief for the vibrant and ever-growing medium, which has been operated