2018 VC investment into crypto startups set to surpass 2017 tally

Jason Rowley Contributor Those dramatic price swings write headlines. And the media, Crunchbase News included, has not been shy in covering bitcoin’s ups and downs. The hype around ICOs is understandable, as well, given that market’s velocity, eye-popping market capitalizations and titillating if unfortunate stories of theft and subterfuge. But the comparatively quiet and

Keegan-Michael Key’s reaction to Jordan Peele’s Oscar win will make you emotional

Find yourself a friend who loves you this much. Jordan Peele had a historic moment last night when he won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for his debut solo film, Get Out.  He became the first African-American screenwriter to win this category—and no one was prouder of him

Inside the Alexa Prize

The first interactor—a muscular man in his fifties with a shaved head and a black V-neck sweater—walks into a conference room and sits in a low-slung blue armchair before a phalanx of video cameras and studio lights. He’s brightly lit. The rest of the room is totally dark. He gazes

Alexa has literally lost her voice as users report outages and unresponsiveness

Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant seems to be down this morning. We’ve been hearing reports over the last hour of either delayed responses or just total loss of connection. While Amazon doesn’t have a status page for its consumer products, Down Detector is reporting a huge spike in Alexa-related complaints over

7 Reasons Why People Who Marry A Pisces End Up The Happiest

@tishon.jnobaptiste 1. Pisces are creative and passionate. Pisces are always lost in their own thoughts, but when it comes to relationships, this is a big benefit. They’re often daydreaming about you, about your future together, about what you two have the potential to be. They are passionate to a fault,

25 Uncomfortable Things You Have To Accept If You Ever Want To Be Truly Comfortable With Who You Are

Nsey Benajah / Unsplash 1. If you think that you could or should be doing better in life, you are probably right. 2. You will not be good at everything, but if you read between the lines of your life, you’ll see that the things that pain you, intrigue you

Triple, the marketplace for local travel experiences, acquires competitor Local Guddy

Triple, the Stockholm-headquartered marketplace for local travel experiences, has acquired competitor Local Guddy for an undisclosed sum. The deal sees Local Guddy founder Emre Semercioğlu become part of the Triple team as Head of Market Growth, while I understand it was part cash, part stock. The Turkish startup had previously

Ledger is working on new native apps for its cryptocurrency hardware wallet

French startup Ledger is making some of the most secure cryptocurrency hardware wallets out there. But the company’s apps aren’t that great. That’s why the company announced that Ledger has been working on brand new native apps for all desktop and mobile platforms. Right now, Ledger relies on Google Chrome

Inside Robert Bigelow’s Decades-Long Obsession With UFOs

In 1994, a Mormon family bought a 480-acre plot in in Utah’s Uintah Basin, thinking they’d get back to the land. But this particular land was weird. It came with too-large-thrice-over wolves that refused to die by bullet, cattle with their reproductive organs sucked clean out, and a multitude of