These Shapeshifting Metals Could Be the Future of Flight

Humanity may be divided on a great many issues, but most would agree that it would be very cool to have airplane wings made of shapeshifting metal. The geometry of those fabulous foils affects virtually every aspect of flight, and making them from metal that can change its shape in

70 Percent Of People Say They Can Hear This Silent Gif. So What The Hell Is Going on?

Gifs are short, silent animations. Unlike videos, they carry no sound files within them. Which is why it’s extremely odd that a lot of people online claim to be able to hear one. It’s a gif you’ve probably seen before as it resurfaces every few months, always with a similar caption:

FCC Wants to Kill Net Neutrality. Congress Will Pay the Price

FCC chair Ajit Pai’s plan to repeal net neutrality provisions and reclassify broadband providers from “common carriers” to “information services” is an unprecedented giveaway to big broadband providers and a danger to the internet. The move would mean the FCC would have almost no oversight authority over broadband providers like

We Are Girls With Anxiety

God & Man The type that experiences emotional exhaustion we can’t even explain because we spend so much time thinking and planning and overthinking and apologizing and replaying scenarios in our minds wondering about different outcomes. The type that has calendars booked and appointments set months in advance. The type

FDA clears AliveCors Kardiaband as the first medical device accessory for the Apple Watch

The Food and Drug Administration has just cleared AliveCor’s Kardiaband EKG reader as the first medical device accessory for the Apple Watch. Europe has been able to use a version of the Kardiaband for Apple Watch for some time now but, thanks to the new FDA approval, the device can

Disney’s live-action ‘Mulan’ finds its leading lady

Liu Yifei at the 7th Beijing International Film Festival in 2017.Image: Lintao Zhang / Getty Images Meet the next new Disney heroine. The studio’s making progress on its live-action remake of Mulan, and it’s finally found a star to fill the title role: Chinese actress Liu Yifei. SEE ALSO: ‘The

Bitcoin hits a record high of $10,000

Image: SPF/Shutterstock It seems unreal, but it’s true: The price of digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin has just hit $10,000.  The all-time-high milestone comes after a period of ultra-fast growth, in which the price of Bitcoin rose from about $3,000 to $10,000 in less than three months. And on Jan. 1, 2017,

Woman sleeping at symphony is scared awake by sudden change in music

There’s nothing like waking up from a nice, relaxing sleep with a scream that could break glass.  The North State Symphony was performing Stravinksy’s “Firebird” at the Cascade Theatre in Redding, California, earlier this month when a startled woman in the audience stole the show from the musicians. A sudden

James O’Keefe’s Washington Post ‘sting’ operation just exposes good journalism

Here's James O'Keefe, who played himself.Image: Getty Images Project Veritas, you just played yourself.  The group, founded by conservative “guerrilla journalist” James O’Keefe, tried to expose the Washington Post but ended up looking pretty dumb in the end.  It all started when a woman approached the Post with a story.

5 Disturbing Signs Youre Dating A Pathologically Envious Narcissist

Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev Have you ever dated or been in a relationship with someone who seemed to put you down at every turn and sabotage you? Who treated your accomplishments with contempt or your success with callous indifference? If so, you may have encountered a pathologically envious narcissist. Pathological envy happens