Hackers Say They’ve Broken Face ID a Week After iPhone X Release

'It was even simpler than we ourselves had thought.' Bkav Researchers Aside from the challenge of acquiring an accurate face scan, the researchers’ simpler setup outperformed more expensive techniques for attempted Face ID trickery—namely, the ones we at WIRED tried earlier this month. With the help of a special effects

If You Care About Cities, Apple’s New Campus Sucks

The new headquarters Apple is building in Cupertino has the absolute best door handles. The greatest! They are, as my colleague Steven Levy writes, precision-milled aluminum rails that attach to glass doors—sliding and swinging alike—with no visible bolts. Everything in this building is the best. The toroid glass of the

Grad Students Are Freaking Out About the GOP Tax Plan. They Should Be

Amanda Coston was preparing for a meeting with her advisor Monday afternoon when her friend, another first-year PhD student in Carnegie Mellon's machine learning department, knocked on her door. Had she seen the email? A few minutes earlier, the university's Graduate Student Assembly had sent a Google Doc to department

World’s Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rise Again After Three Stable Years

The Global Carbon Project (GCP) is a scientific group that aims to paint the most accurate picture possible of the planet’s carbon cycle. It’s most comprehensive analysis to date has just been published, and sadly, it’s not good news: our greenhouse gas emissions are rising again, after flatlining for three

We can’t tell if Boston Dynamics’ new SpotMini dog is cool or creepy or both

Boston Dynamics is the mad robot scientist of our waking dreams. Every few years, they unveil a new robot horror…er…innovation that straddles the fine line between “so realistic its incredible” and the uncanny valley. Its latest robot dog, the SpotMini, which the company casually introduced with this new video, is

A black woman hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ this week for only the 12th time in 42 years

Saturday Night Live guest host Tiffany Haddish kicked off her evening with an uproarious opening monologue that touched on the news of the day (Trump and other awful men), her wardrobe (she’s very passionate about her Alexander McQueen dress), and her hit summer 2017 comedy, Girls Trip. Less funny was

Sean Hannity is losing advertisers over his coverage of Roy Moore

Sean Hannity in January 2017.Image: Drew Angerer / Getty Images Sean Hannity’s been reluctant to distance himself from Roy Moore. So now Hannity’s advertisers are distancing themselves from him. SEE ALSO: So many politicians gave the same terrible response to the Roy Moore abuse allegations Keurig, Green Mountain Coffee (which

Sometimes You Have To Create Your Own Closure

Bewakoof.com Official In a perfect world, when a relationship ends, we would feel a sense of finality, a sense of closure.  We would say our goodbyes, and cut ties slowly and gently, to lessen the heartbreak. We would promise to still remain friends, and to always be there for one

Hope lives: ‘Supermarket Sweep’ may be on its way back

Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock If you were a bored child or middle-aged adult in the ’90s looking for a quick consumerist high, there was one show you could count on: Supermarket Sweep. It’s been a long time since Americans watched people haggle over pork butts (the show went off the air in