Trump and the press: 10 questions journalists never thought they’d have to ask

The presidents volatile temper and thin skin have prompted many improbable exchanges this year, including questions about neo-Nazis, slavery and morons For better or worse more often than not worse Donald Trumps short presidency has, so far, been remarkable. The presidents unusually thin skin and volatile temper have prompted a

Homeowners in High-Tax States Race to Beat Property Tax Cap

Homeowners in states with the highest property taxes are looking to prepay 2018 bills ahead of a $10,000 cap on the deduction for state and local levies, including property taxes, in the GOP tax overhaul President asked Republican Governor Chris Christie to make it easier for residents to pay their

To infinity and beyond: Trump has big plans for Nasa but is it just a fantasy?

Presidents ambitious proposals leave many questions unanswered, and experts cautious optimism is tempered by reservations about the details The world is not enough for Donald Trump: he has declared space more in mind, and Moon Express, a private American venture aiming to win run into regulatory hurdles, namely the Outer

United Airlines Sorry After Passenger Says It Gave Her Seat to a Congresswoman

United Airlines on Tuesday apologized to a passenger who was allegedly booted from her first-class seat and protested after she says it was given to U.S. Rep.Sheila Jackson Lee instead. The airline reportedly gave the passenger, Jean-Marie Simon, a $500 voucher in addition to the apology. Through a spokeswoman, United

How Kim Jong Un Ran Circles Around Americas Dear Leader

On the first day of 2017, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced that his regime was preparing to test an intercontinental ballistic missile. Combined with efforts to produce ever-smaller nuclear warheads, the ICBM test would prove a decisive step in Pyongyangs generational march toward an effective nuclear deterrentone that

Europe rebuked for removing Afghans to one of world’s most dangerous countries

Sweden and Germany at forefront of rise in refused asylum seekers being sent back since EU agreed aid package for country Britain and other European nations are under increasing pressure to explain why they are sending hundreds of desperate Afghans back to one of the worlds most dangerous countries. MPs

Wells Fargo, AT&T Try to Show Unpopular Tax Cut Aids Workers

Looks likes corporate America is trying to sway public opinion on the $1,000 bonus to celebrate. Trump cited AT&T’s plan at a news conference Wednesday. “That’s because of what we did,” Trump said. “So that’s pretty good.” Fifth Third Bancorp went further, saying it would raise its minimum hourly wage

Control Of Virginia’s House Of Delegates Could Come Down To Drawing Straws

A recount completed Tuesday determined Democrat Shelly Simonds had defeated Republican incumbent David Yancey by just one vote. The race is being closely watched because control of the Virginia House of Delegates hinges on its outcome. The ballot in question apparently had marks for Yancey and Simonds, with a strike

NY Times: Pentagon study of UFOs revealed

(CNN)Beyond preparing for the next field of battle, or advancing a massive arsenal that includes nuclear weapons, the Pentagon has also researched the possible existence of UFOs. In one instance, the program looked at video footage of a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet surrounded by a glowing object of unknown origin