The deafening silence of Al Franken

(CNN)Al Franken now stands accused of not only kissing and groping a woman in 2006, but also of grabbing another woman’s butt while she was taking a picture with him in 2010. Then on Monday came the news — first reported by CNN — that Franken had allegedly grabbed the

Numerous staffers say Michigan Rep. John Conyers has a history of sexually harassment

Former staff members have reported that Michigan Democrat Rep. John Conyers sexually harassed his female employees, but the Office of Compliance has reportedly helped cover up the allegations, according to BuzzFeed News. On Monday evening, BuzzFeed News reported that Conyers settled a wrongful dismissal complaint by a former employee who said the longest-serving

Donald Trump Breaks Silence On Roy Moore Allegations

“Roy Moore denies it. That’s all I can say,” Trump told reporters while leaving the White House to go to his Mar-a-Lago resort for the Thanksgiving holiday. “We don’t need a liberal person in there,” he said, referring to Doug Jones, Moore’s Democratic challenger. “He says it didn’t happen, and

Donald Trump Basically Endorses Roy Moore In Senate Race Despite Sexual Assault Allegations: ‘He Totally Denies It’

POTUS has basically decided to support the alleged predator in his race for the Alabama Senate seat. To put it plainly, Trump told reporters on Tuesday: “We don’t need a liberal person in there — a Democrat.” Accused of sexual assault himself on multiple occasions, the 71-year-old continued to defend

This is redistribution for Zimbabwes elite, not revolution in a ruined nation | Jason Burke

Comrade Bob and Grace may go, but little good will come if power is retained in the hands of Zanu-PF septuagenarians Drive any distance anywhere in Zimbabwe beyond the upmarket Borrowdale neighbourhood in Harare, where Grace are detained in their sprawling mansion, and the scale of the challenges facing what

Roy Moore Denies Allegation of Sexual Encounter With Teenager

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore flatly denied allegations he had sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl almost four decades ago and denied ever knowing his accuser, calling the story a politically motivated attack a month before the election. “I don’t know Ms. Corfman from anybody,” he said Friday on Sean

Trump Says He Stands With Intel Agencies on Russia Meddling

President Donald Trump once again waded into the controversy of whether he thinks Russia meddled in last year’s election, saying on Sunday that he believes “very much in our intelligence agencies.” A day earlier, the U.S. leader said that Vladimir Putin believed he didn’t interfere, prompting questions about whether Trump

Nov. 9, 2016: The morning Twitter woke up to a Trump victory

Given how divisive and nasty the election had become in the months prior, it was no shock that Twitter reacted in dozens of ways to the news that Trump had defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton. Despite his rival earning approximately 3 million more votes than him, a triumph in the Electoral College

Here are 5 transgender politicians who paved the way for Danica Roem

On Nov. 7, journalist Danica Roem was elected to represent Virginia’s Distict 13, making her one of the most powerful transgender politicians in the U.S. today. For many, she’s a hero that represents transgender people’s fight for national acceptance. But Roem isn’t the first transgender politician to enter office in the

Senate Sets Offshore Tax Rate as High as 10%: Tax Debate Update

It was crunch time for Republican tax-writers on Thursday. The House Ways and Means Committee completed its tax-cut legislation and sent it on its way to the full House, while a Senate panel began revealing details of its own version. Here are the latest developments, updated throughout the day: Senate

Data firm that worked for Trump asked WikiLeaks to share hacked emails

Cambridge Analytica executive confirms firm asked Assange to share hacked emails related to Clinton reportedly around time it started working for Trump The chief executive of Cambridge Analytica has confirmed that the UK data research firm contacted Julian Assange to ask WikiLeaks to share hacked emails related to Hillary Clinton