Ohio doughnut shop closes during norovirus investigation

(CNN)An Ohio doughnut shop has voluntarily closed as public health workers investigate a norovirus outbreak affecting 266 people, according to county health officials. Calls to Mama C’s Donuts and Coffee were not returned Thursday. According to Moore, the doughnut shop will remain closed until after the cleaning and after it

Partition of India: Objects that tell the story of history’s largest mass migration

(CNN)This month marks 70 years since the Partition of India, a momentous event now receding from view. In many Indian and Pakistani families like mine, “Partition” has become a word unspoken, shrouded in silence and sheathed with painful memories. A personal connection Having settled in Delhi, the families of all

Suspect in killing of Missouri police officer is captured

(CNN)The man accused of killing a small-town Missouri police officer during a routine traffic stop over the weekend has been taken into custody after a manhunt, the state patrol said. Authorities located McCarthy at 6:15 pm (local time) in a mostly rural area about 12 miles southeast of downtown Clinton

UK judges need clarity after Brexit – Lord Neuberger – BBC News

UK courts will continue to interpret ECJ case law – even after Brexit. What is the European Court of Justice? Lord Neuberger, who will step down as Supreme Court president next month, told the BBC that judges need more guidance on how they should do just that. “If [the government]

Premier League at 25: 1997-2002 – BBC News

The Premier League is 25 years old on 15 August 2017. To mark the anniversary, BBC Sport has produced five pieces, each covering a five-year period in the competition’s history. This is the second piece, focusing on the span from the 1997-98 season to the end of the 2001-02 campaign,

Australian cops smash international drug ring, seize 2 tons of narcotics

(CNN)Police in Australia say they have “destroyed” two international crime syndicates and seized more than two tons of narcotics “destined for Australian streets.” Ten suspects were taken into custody in Sydney, while police in the United Arab Emirates arrested five Australians, including two living in the city, the statement from