Lib Dems claims FoI changes undermine investigative journalism – BBC News

Some information can be exempt but an organisation must explain the exemption which applies. The Lib Dems claim the new system of open publication is “devaluing the information”. MSP Tavish Scott said ministers had “figured out they can evade scrutiny, deter the submission of requests and spike stories”. There has

American flag picked up, re-positioned by Good Samaritan

What happens if an American flag falls when no one is around? According to one man in California, you pick it back up and hang it proudly. Thats what a good Samaritan recently did after spotting the “Stars and Stripes” laid out on the lawn of a home he was

Government to consider laser pen licence after attack rise – BBC News

How dangerous are lasers to planes? Earlier this year, the government said it would introduce a new law meaning people who deliberately shined lasers at aircraft could face larger fines or even a jail sentence. However, the proposal was dropped from the government’s legislative programme after June’s general election. The

Manchester businesses recovering after attack impact – BBC News

Image caption There was an increased police presence in the city following the attack Howard Burns, who runs a jewellery business that has been in the city since the late 1800s, says that in the days immediately following the attack “there was no one shopping here”. Image caption Howard Burns,

The Italian highlanders who may have Scottish roots – BBC News

One tale describes how the Scottish visitors stole girls from the next village, celebrating their trophy brides with big parties – before waking the village priest at dawn to legalise their unions. Alma says this could explain a custom peculiar to Gurro, in which receptions were traditionally held before the

Ohio doughnut shop closes during norovirus investigation

(CNN)An Ohio doughnut shop has voluntarily closed as public health workers investigate a norovirus outbreak affecting 266 people, according to county health officials. Calls to Mama C’s Donuts and Coffee were not returned Thursday. According to Moore, the doughnut shop will remain closed until after the cleaning and after it

Partition of India: Objects that tell the story of history’s largest mass migration

(CNN)This month marks 70 years since the Partition of India, a momentous event now receding from view. In many Indian and Pakistani families like mine, “Partition” has become a word unspoken, shrouded in silence and sheathed with painful memories. A personal connection Having settled in Delhi, the families of all

Suspect in killing of Missouri police officer is captured

(CNN)The man accused of killing a small-town Missouri police officer during a routine traffic stop over the weekend has been taken into custody after a manhunt, the state patrol said. Authorities located McCarthy at 6:15 pm (local time) in a mostly rural area about 12 miles southeast of downtown Clinton