The terrifying phenomenon that is pushing species towards extinction

Scientists are alarmed by a rise in mass mortality events when species die in their thousands. Is it all down to climate change? There was almost something biblical about the scene of devastation that lay before Richard Kock as he stood in the wilderness of the Kazakhstan steppe. Dotted across

Stephen Fry recovering from cancer op

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionStephen Fry: “It’s a bit of a business having an operation like that” Stephen Fry is recovering from surgery for prostate cancer and said “it all seemed to go pretty well”. The broadcaster, who had his operation in early January, said on

Donald Trump stands by proposal to give teachers guns: ‘Attacks would end!’

President expands on idea to arm some teachers in schools and says gun-adept teachers/coaches would solve the problem instantly Donald Trump doubled down on his proposal to address school shootings by giving some teachers guns, tweeting on Thursday it would be a great deterrent to killers. At a meeting at

U.S. Companies Abandon the NRA as Boycott Call Grows

A call to boycott the National Rifle Association became the top trend on Twitter as users of the global social media platform demanded that a variety of companies sever ties with the lobbying group. The online furor comes a day after the NRA’s leaders attacked the media and Democrats, claiming the fallout

Most KFCs in UK remain closed because of chicken shortage

Fast food chain blames contract with delivery firm DHL, with more than 600 outlets still shut Fast food Mon 19 Feb 2018 08.07EST Share on Twitter View more sharing options Share on Pinterest Share on Google+ Share on Messenger Close KFC published a list of only 254 of its 900

Benazir Bhutto showed you can be a mother and prime minister I know, I am her son

After Jacinda Ardern announced her pregnancy, some questioned how she would cope. They should look at Pakistans late leader Benazir Bhutto Last modified on Sun 18 Feb 2018 23.27EST Share via Email Share on LinkedIn Share on WhatsApp Bilawal Bhutto Zardari with his mother Benazir Bhutto. Photograph: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Earthquake felt across parts of UK

Roger Musson, from the BGS, said it was the largest earthquake in Britain for the last 10 years.. He said it was “relatively shallow” for a larger British earthquake; they are usually around 15-20km deep. Skip Twitter post by @swpcardiff There has been a minor earthquake throughout South Wales….no need

Would you work for free to secure a job?

She turned up smartly dressed for an interview in a restaurant but was told by the company they wanted her to do a shift as part of the selection process. She went home, got changed and returned to find herself thrown in at the deep end. “It was very much

Trump condemns Florida shooting as act of hatred and evil, vows to tackle mental health issues

Video President Trump addresses nation on Florida school shooting Trump says the American family is praying for the Parkland community, says no child or teacher should ever be in danger at school, thanks first responders for their courage. President Trump on Thursday condemned the school shooting massacre in Florida as

Florida high school under lockdown after reports of shooter, victims, police say

Follow @browardsheriff for latest info on the #stonemanshooting. Shooter still at large. — Broward Sheriff (@browardsheriff) February 14, 2018 AVOID THE AREA – Do not attempt to get to the school this perimeter is LOCKED down. — Coral Springs Police (@CoralSpringsPD) February 14, 2018 Dispatch at the sheriff’s office

Omarosa Says a Pence Presidency Would Leave People Begging for Trump

Omarosa Manigault Newman, the three-time "Apprentice" contestant and fired White House staffer, told fellow contestants on her current reality television show there’s more reason to fear Mike Pence in the Oval Office than episode last week, Manigault Newman, who had been director of communications for the White House Office of