Mas Said to Be in Talks to Join Jeter for Miami Marlins

Jorge Mas, who was bidding against Derek Jeter to buy the Miami Marlins, is in talks to join the former Yankees captain’s winning bid group as controlling owner of the Major League Baseball team, according to people familiar with the matter. The chairman of MasTec Inc. would put in at

BBC employee caught viewing a sex scene on air was watching ‘True Blood,’ Anna Paquin confirms

Star of BBC News.Image: hbo Earlier this week, a BBC employee watching something on his computer somehow failed to realize his monitor was in full view on air, for millions of viewers at home. SEE ALSO: ‘True Blood’ star Stephen Moyer reveals how Nelsan Ellis touched the cast with acting

‘The Last Jedi’ will reveal the mystery of Rey’s parents. But will it matter?

Who would abandon this kid?Image: lucasfilm After the Force awoke in 2015, Star Wars fans found themselves debating one question above all others. Who were Rey’s parents, and why would they abandon her in a galactic hell-hole like Jakku? Now for the first time Lucasfilm has signaled that we’ll get

‘Game of Thrones’ actor who shot the dragon: I’m not too popular right now

May thine aime be trueImage: HBO Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, sellsword supreme, Tyrion’s champion, Kingslayer saver, possible Dragonslayer, soon-to-be lord of the most lit castle in Westeros and the closest thing Game of Thrones has to Han Solo, is not very popular at the moment. (As a Lannister I

Bill Murray went to ‘Groundhog Day’ on Broadway last night and was extremely Bill Murray

Image: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic When one recalls the 1993 fantasy-comedy Harold Ramis classic Groundhog Day, a few things come to mind: Bill Murray, snow, groundhogs, time, consequence, and of course….The Panama Canal? SEE ALSO: David Letterman is coming back to TV with Netflix deal Well, now Groundhog Day is playing on

Robert Pattinson is on a quest for a hot dog in the hilariously dramatic short film ‘Fear & Shame’

Robert Pattinson is on a mission. A mission so crucial and dangerous that he risks his identity and his life for it. He NEEDS a NYC hot dog and he needs it NOW. SEE ALSO: Robert Pattinson was totally joking about dog sex in his new movie In a hilariously

It’s not in Peter’s best interest to be the next ‘Bachelor’ and here’s why

Pals, Monday night’s The Bachelorette finale was wild. Rachel sent home a crowd favorite, there was a very long, agonizing breakup, and it all culminated in an extremely windy, hollow-ish proposal that didn’t seem quite right. We’re here to clear up another thing, though: Peter should not be the next

HBO hack ransom note: Watch the video, set to Game of Thrones music

HBO is at the center of a massive cyberattack putting 1.5 terabytes of valuable intellectual property and private information at risk. Now the hackers who purportedly executed the attack are back to brag about it. The hackers who dumped unreleased HBO show scripts, videos, internal documents, emails, and more last