This conservative politician slammed ‘Wear a Dress Day.’ It backfired. Big time.

This is Australian senator Cory Bernardi. He’s a conservative. That’s putting it lightly. Photo by Mark Graham/AFP/Getty Images. Down Under, Bernardi is known for, among other things, pushing climate change denial, vehemently opposing LGBTQ rights, and calling proponents of abortion access “pro-death.” So, at face value, a tweet he published

Tom Brady Drinks 2.5 Gallons Of Water A Day And Thinks It Makes Him Immune To Sunburn

Tom Brady, for those of you who don’t know, plays quarterback for the New England Patriots. He’s an extremely successful athlete, and probably gets asked “what is your secret?” a lot.  Well, now he’s released a book that reveals his tricks, which are extremely questionable and extraordinarily unscientific. Amongst the stranger claims

Ronaldo Is Hawking One of the Worlds Riskiest Derivatives

Last month, Cristiano Ronaldo sent a short message to his 59 million Twitter followers. “Happy with my new partnership with @EXNESS,” the Real Madrid striker and world’s most famous soccer star wrote. He also retweeted a statement from a firm called Exness Group, in which he praised how it “gives

Subscription art crowdfunder Patreon confirms $60M fundraise

Patreon upgrades content creation from a passion to a profession by paying artists 95% of subscription payments from fans instead of 55% of skimpy ad revenue like Facebook and YouTube. Now Patreon itself is getting paid with today’s official announcement of the big Series C funding round TechCrunch broke news

What working on Pebble taught me about building hardware

Eric Migicovsky Contributor Pebble founder Eric Micigovsky at TechCrunch Disrupt Do this before you launch on Kickstarter. It sounds hard but it’s not (compared to the rest of the things you will need to do)! You will get a lot of people who say “no, not interested.” But some will

After years of chasing brokers and bots, slow ticketing will help both artists and fans

Jesse Lawrence has been in media and tech for 20 years. Prior to TicketIQ, he worked at MediaMath and IAC. He started his career as a writer. More posts by this contributor: Super Bowl tickets show that ticketing is a super mess — tech can help Ticketing’s distributed future is not

Why Cumberbatch is his own worst critic

Image caption Kelly Macdonald plays Julie, the wife of Cumberbatch’s character “Trust me, the internet’s full of hate but it’s nothing compared to the self-critic in your head for brutality. I’ve said it all before they have.” Cumberbatch says he had a “great experience” making the drama, a joint production

Everything you need to know about Netflix’s ‘American Vandal’ and what could happen in Season 2

On paper, Netflix’s American Vandal sounds like a Funny or Die skit that would be amusing for about seven minutes before the joke wore out its welcome. Full disclosure: I almost dismissed it for precisely that reason, before sitting down to watch the season when Netflix made it available for

Star Wars — should we even care anymore?

Star Wars is a guaranteed money-making film franchise for Disney. Like an enormous Star Destroyer looming over every other film or franchise it’s up against on any opening day, it’s as close to a sure thing you can get in entertainment investments. The question here, however – with Disney, and

Insane ‘Game of Thrones’ theory predicts Jon and Dany’s bittersweet fate

Image: hbo For years now Game of Thrones fans have been theorizing about the “bittersweet” ending that George R. R. Martin promised them. But one fan theory predicts the most perfectly sorrowful — yet satisfying — conclusion to the story, with Jon and Daenerys’ tragic romance at the center of

Fergie and Josh Duhamel announce their separation after 8-year marriage

Image: Getty Images for Tom Ford Almost exactly a year after Brangelina called it quits, yet another celebrity couple has quietly falllen.  While they don’t necessarily have a cool portmanteau, Fergie and Josh Duhamel have unfortunately announced their divorce in a joint statement provided to People. SEE ALSO: Nicki Minaj