Another Celeb Misses The Point About Offset’s ‘Queer’ Lyric

that rapper Offset’s controversial lyric about “queers” isn’t homophobic.  featured on YFN Lucci’s new song, “Boss Life,” and delivers a line that goes: “Pinky ring crystal clear, 40K spent on a private Lear / 60K solitaire / I cannot vibe with queers.” the word didn’t refer to sexuality. Tank isn’t

Mario Batali’s business partner, Joe Bastianich, apologizes for ‘MasterChef Italia’ comments: They were ‘in poor taste’

Bastianich has since issued a statement apologizing for the comments, saying they were made “in poor taste.” “This was a scripted segment shot in a Milan nail salon that I’ve gone to regularly. I know the women, and we were given the questions to discuss in advance,” said Bastianich in

Is coconut oil a superfood?

LDL is known as “bad cholesterol” because high levels are linked with increased risk of heart disease. On the other hand, saturated fats – which are particularly bad for you – also tend to raise HDL, “good” cholesterol, which has the opposite effect. It is possible that a particular food

Starting The Year Off Right! Re-Live Redemption In Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Performance

Gotta hand it to Sound check and rehearsal must have gone off without a hitch, because Mariah was pretty much flawless on a VERY cold night! ICYMI last night or when it was making the rounds earlier today, here’s some of the video from what went down last night for

Pitch Perfect Stars: Then & Now!

All good things must come to an end. Which is why the Pitch Perfect franchise is wrapping up their journey with a third and final movie. Of course, with Pitch Perfect 3‘s release date here, we’ve become nostalgic about the original film. We mean, it’s been half a decade since

The NRA’s Celebrity TV Special Was Confusing And Insane

Before Don Draper was smoking and drinking his way through the ’60s and Breaking Bad was turning America’s healthcare problems into a murder-filled adventure, TV wasn’t usually considered a venue for high art. With “peak TV” yet to become a thing, programmers were less concerned with probing the existential depths

The 50 top films of 2017 in the US: 50-41

Our countdown of the best films shown on US screens in the past year starts with hologram lovers, an Instagram stalker and a poker princess 41 Beatriz at Dinner Smart, Trump-anticipating satire with Salma Hayek as a Mexican-born healer who confronts real-estate mogul John Lithgow at a dinner party. Read