New Balance used AI to spot trendsetters during Fashion Week — did we make the cut?

New Balance put together a one-day activation during New York Fashion Week that used “Real Time Exception Spotting” technology to look for people who fashionably stood out from the crowd. If you were considered an “exception” by the AI, New Balance surprised you — on the spot — with a

Top 10 ‘Overwatch’ skins I’ve been killed by

Death is an inevitable part of Overwatch. Sometimes I step onto a Junkrat trap and eat a grenade, sometimes D.Va drops an ultimate right on my head and I explode, sometimes I get pulled off a cliff by a gravity-defying feat of technology. SEE ALSO: ‘Broverwatch’ is a group of

Take this online class and learn how to make Insta-money

Whether you’re trying to become a social media influencer or looking to promote your brand, it’s practically required that you have a presence on Instagram.  SEE ALSO: Instagram dedicated to perfectly plated dishes will make you appreciate tweezer food The photo sharing app sees over one billion visits every month,