30 Reminders For When You Feel Like You Are Falling Behind

Unsplash / Reinaldo Kevin 1. There is no time limit on when you can find love or reach success. You have an entire lifetime to reach the goals you set for yourself. 2. Just because your friends have reached certain milestones by now does not mean you were supposed to do

Millions pledged to save the Great Barrier Reef, but scientists say it won’t solve the problem

Following bad news after bad news for the Great Barrier Reef, the Australian government has pledged a large sum of money for its preservation. More than A$500 million (US$379 million) has been been promised in a funding package to protect and restore the reef.  SEE ALSO: The Great Barrier Reef

Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit on hold

The judge in Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit against President Donald Trump and his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, has issued a stay, delaying the case for 90 days. Read more about this at cnn.com.

‘Smell of gas’ causes university library evacuation, turns out to be pungent durian

Durian, the pungent (and highly polarising) fruit has often caused people to dry-retch when its odour hits their nostrils, but over the weekend, the fruit caused an entire police-assisted evacuation. In Australia, approximately 500 students and teachers were evacuated from Melbourne’s RMIT university on Saturday, after a “smell of gas”