I went full wireless charging with the iPhone X

RAVPower wireless charging stand/pad/portable charger $49.99/39.99/65.99 View Product The Good Makes you forget about wires The Bad Placing the phone correctly on some of the chargers can be fiddly • Not as fast as advertised The Bottom Line RAVPower’s trio of fast wireless chargers made me forget my iPhone X’s

Probe into Prince’s opioid death brings no criminal charges

CHASKA, Minn. (Reuters) – A two-year investigation into the death of “Purple Rain” singer Prince failed to determine where he obtained a counterfeit painkiller laced with fentanyl, resulting in no criminal charges, a Minnesota prosecutor said on Thursday. Read more about this at feeds.reuters.com.

I Am Slowly Realizing I Don’t Want To Die Anymore

God & Man I don’t want to die anymore. I still have a shitload of problems, but I am learning to deal with them head-on instead of letting them linger until they shred me apart from the inside. I am learning to appreciate the little things instead of spending all