Ex-Trump chair Paul Manafort vows to fight ‘untrue’ charges as Gates cuts plea deal

Gates pleads guilty to conspiracy and making false statements in federal court but Manafort maintains his innoncence Former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort protested his innocence and vowed on Friday to fight numerous federal felony charges against him, after his former colleague and confidante Rick Gates cut a plea

Falcon.io buys Komfo from Sitecore as social media management consolidates

Falcon.io, a startup out of Denmark that helps businesses manage their presence across social media and messaging platforms, has acquired a competitor in a wider trend of consolidation in the market for such services. It is buying Komfo from customer experience software developer Sitecore, which itself was majority acquired by EQT

U.S. Companies Abandon the NRA as Boycott Call Grows

A call to boycott the National Rifle Association became the top trend on Twitter as users of the global social media platform demanded that a variety of companies sever ties with the lobbying group. The online furor comes a day after the NRA’s leaders attacked the media and Democrats, claiming the fallout

40 Of The Best Quotes From My Favorite Murder

I’ve been a huge fan of the true-crime/comedy podcast, My Favorite Murder, ever since I began listening to it this past summer. The hosts, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, share their favorite murders and true crime stories while discussing what’s going in their lives in the form of comedic banter

Janelle Mone’s Make Me Feel & Other Music Videos That Celebrate Female Sexuality!

OHHHKAY. Have you seen Janelle Monáe‘s new music videos yet?? Yes, that’s music videos plural. She dropped TWO — Make Me Feel and Django Jane. Both have the internet ablaze, but let’s talk about Make Me Feel right now. As we’ve discussed, it will give you major Prince and “San

Ted Cruz is right: Homer Simpson is a Republican. Sadly, he’s also an idiot

The ultra-conservative politician has once again made himself look foolish while invoking the cartoon. But you have got to love his cultural masochism To listen to Ted Cruz discuss The Simpsons at feminist rally at school, which suggests a core of progressive liberalism. Bart, as has been pointed out elsewhere,

What Black Panthers Success Means for the Future of Movies

Generally, this time of year is slow at the box office. With the Oscars on the horizon, it's in some ways still the tail end of the previous cinema year, and even with summer blockbuster season creeping earlier and earlier, the big-budget tentpoles don't start rolling out for another six

Read This When Youre Tired Of Waiting For Real Love

God & Man You’re still waiting for the one who will truly love your scars. Honestly, you’re tired of trying and opening up only to realize you have let the wrong ones in. Again. You were told countless of times that you’re worth the wait, maybe even the fight. But