Inside Robert Bigelow’s Decades-Long Obsession With UFOs

In 1994, a Mormon family bought a 480-acre plot in in Utah’s Uintah Basin, thinking they’d get back to the land. But this particular land was weird. It came with too-large-thrice-over wolves that refused to die by bullet, cattle with their reproductive organs sucked clean out, and a multitude of

The terrifying phenomenon that is pushing species towards extinction

Scientists are alarmed by a rise in mass mortality events when species die in their thousands. Is it all down to climate change? There was almost something biblical about the scene of devastation that lay before Richard Kock as he stood in the wilderness of the Kazakhstan steppe. Dotted across

CPAC Speaker Lambasts GOP ‘Hypocrites’ Over Trump’s Sexual Harassment Allegations

Booed and heckled by the crowd, Mona Charen, had to be escorted out by security for her own safety following the event. Charen added: “And because he happens to have an ‘R’ after his name, we look the other way, we don’t complain.” Trump also has been accused by at

Gates Guilty Plea Strengthens Muellers Hand Against Manafort

As the newest cooperator for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Rick Gates gives prosecutors a powerful weapon in pursuing former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and possible election collusion with Russia. Gates, who pleaded guilty Friday in Washington, was Manafort’s right-hand man and worked with him for a decade in his

Indigo Fair raises $12M to connect wholesalers with smaller retail outlets with a smarter service

Max Rhodes was walking around that weird little parklet in Hayes Valley in San Francisco after taking a break from a five-year stint at Square to figure out what he wanted to do next — and he kept seeing Square registers everywhere. It was spotting them over and over again

Facebook’s Mandatory Malware Scan Is an Intrusive Mess

When an Oregon science fiction writer named Charity tried to log onto Facebook on February 11, she found herself completely locked out of her account. A message appeared saying she needed to download Facebook’s malware scanner if she wanted to get back in. Charity couldn’t use Facebook until she completed

The Dropbox IPO filing is here

It’s official, the Dropbox IPO filing is here. Going public is a huge milestone for Dropbox and has been one of the most anticipated tech IPOs for several years now. The cloud storage company has been around since 2007 and has raised more than $600 million in funding. We knew

Stephen Fry recovering from cancer op

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionStephen Fry: “It’s a bit of a business having an operation like that” Stephen Fry is recovering from surgery for prostate cancer and said “it all seemed to go pretty well”. The broadcaster, who had his operation in early January, said on

Donald Trump stands by proposal to give teachers guns: ‘Attacks would end!’

President expands on idea to arm some teachers in schools and says gun-adept teachers/coaches would solve the problem instantly Donald Trump doubled down on his proposal to address school shootings by giving some teachers guns, tweeting on Thursday it would be a great deterrent to killers. At a meeting at