This Is What Unconditional Love REALLY Means, Because Its Not About Giving Up Yourself To Another Person

Jordan Bauer Some of us believe that love is not love if it has conditions. That love is not love if it’s as erratic as its bases, but is something that remains even if every good thing fades. We call this unconditional love—the one that everyone dies to receive, but

Man arrested over Briton’s Lebanon death

Ms Dykes, who is believed to have been in her early 30s, had been working in Beirut as the programme and policy manager for the Department for International Development since January 2017. It is thought Ms Dykes had spent Friday evening at a going-away party for a colleague in the

I Dont Want To Be Your Muse

Etienne Boulanger I don’t want to be your muse, your art, your project. The body you look at, that only sparks a fleeting energy inside. I don’t want to be your creation—something to inspire you, but temporarily. Something you admire, but then leave to look pretty on a wall, on

CDC banned words include ‘diversity’, ‘transgender’ and ‘fetus’ report

Evidence-based and vulnerable also among words federal health watchdog told not to use by Trump administration, according to the Washington Post The Washington Post, policy analysts at the federal public Planned Parenthood, the federal womens healthcare provider whose funding has been targeted by Republicans in Congress and the Trump White

Trump-Russia: Republicans trying to kill off investigation, says Adam Schiff

Top Democrat says move against House inquiry is a ploy to damage Mueller-FBI investigation, while Trump declines to rule out pardoning Michael Flynn The senior Democrat in a congressional Trump-Russia investigation has said he fears Republicans are manoeuvring to kill off inquiries into Moscows interference in the 2016 US presidential

Shanghai Seen Replacing Paris as Global Growth Center by 2035

Shanghai will replace Paris in the top five of global city economies by 2035 in a sign the balance of the world's economy is shifting east, according to an Oxford Economics study. The top 780 cities in the world, which already produce almost 60 percent of global activity, will add almost

‘A perfect storm’: How liberal millennials and African Americans delivered a stunning Alabama result

Groups that drove Doug Jones win over Roy Moore and Donald Trump in the Senate election insist Democrats must not simply take credit and relax Jordan Crenshaw was home-schooled in small-town Alabama. You waved at people at stop signs, she recalls. Your community was very completely reflective of your church.

GOP unveils final $1.5T tax reform bill ’31 years in the making’

Video Marco Rubio plays last-minute hardball on tax reform The standard deduction — used by around two-thirds of households — would be nearly doubled to $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for married couples. But deductions for state and local taxes are scaled back, allowing families to deduct only up to