Government loses key Brexit bill vote

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionThere were cheers from the opposition benches as the result was announced The government has been narrowly defeated in a key vote on its Brexit bill after a rebellion by 11 Tory MPs. In a blow to Prime Minister Theresa May, MPs

Single Women Are Happier Than Society Thinks They Are According To Research

“When you spend some time single, you become confident that you can fulfill your own emotional needs and manage your emotions without the need for anyone to validate your self-worth. This is an exquisite life skill to have that will serve you well throughout your entire life, whether single or

Moores Defeat in Alabama Deals Trump a Rebuke Ahead of 2018 Races

The defeat of Republican Roy Moore in Alabama’s U.S. Senate race by Democrat Doug Jones was a stunning rebuke to the GOP’s anti-establishment wing led by Steve Bannon and a major political embarrassment for President Photographer: Nicole Craine/Bloomberg “Congratulations to the Bannon wing of the @GOP for gifting a seat

PuTTY Begone! Microsoft will ship an OpenSSH client

The first thing I download on a new Windows machine – after Chrome, of course – is PuTTY. This tried-and-true OpenSSH client has served millions of devs quite well for the past twenty years and I’m sure it will still remain a favorite but Microsoft has added its own ssh

‘Father Of The Internet’ Skewers FCC: ‘You Don’t Understand How The Internet Works’

In an open letter published Monday, more than 20 industry leaders and pioneers skewered the FCC over its plan to repeal net neutrality rules, which require internet service providers (ISPs) to treat all content equally. The comment referred to in the letter detailed numerous technical mistakes in the FCC’s proposed

Fake documents tried to lob sexual harassment claims against Chuck Schumer

Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken last week resigned from the U.S. Senate following a wave of sexual misconduct allegations against him that ranged from groping to forcibly trying to kiss women. The 88-year-old Rep. John Conyers retired last week amid allegations by about a half-dozen women who once worked for

Alabama election: Democrats triumph over Roy Moore in major blow to Trump

Doug Jones becomes first Democrat to win any statewide office in Alabama in a decade after Moores campaign for Senate marred by sexual assault claims The Democrat Doug Jones has beaten his Donald Trump-backed Republican rival multiple allegations of sexual assault during a campaign which exposed Republican party faultlines. Profile

Cops Handcuff 11-Year-Old Girl At Gunpoint As She Walks Out Of Her Home

Honestie Hodges told WOOD-TV she exited the back door of her home to go to the store on Dec. 6 when officers confronted her. Her mom, Whitney Hodges, who witnessed the confrontation, said police ordered Honestie to raise her hands and walk backward. Then officers handcuffed the girl, patted her down and

Alabama Senate Election Results Live: Roy Moore vs Doug Jones

Today, Alabama voters head to the polls for a Senate race that has gained national attention amid a growing number of women coming forward and saying that the Republican candidate Roy Moore sexually assaulted or engaged in sexual misconduct with them when they were minors. Moore is facing off against Doug Jones,

Trump’s accusers demand Congress investigate sexual misconduct claims

Women who accused Trump of sexually inappropriate behavior say lawmakers should extend same scrutiny to the president that they did to Al Franken A group of women who have accused Donald Trump of sexually inappropriate behavior on Monday demanded that Congress open an investigation. The women, Samantha Holvey, Rachel Crooks