First flight touches down on remote St Helena

Built with £285m ($380m) of funding from the UK Department for International Development (Dfid), the airport should have opened in 2016, but dangerous wind conditions delayed the launch. Population 4,255 Area 122 sq km (47 sq miles) Major language English Major religion Christianity Currency St Helena Pound (equal to British

Sources say California Senate leader to challenge Sen. Dianne Feinstein

Washington (CNN)California Democratic state Senate president Kevin de Len intends to enter California’s 2018 Senate race against Sen. Dianne Feinstein, three sources with knowledge of his plans say. The 50-year-old de León, who represents Los Angeles and is seen as a leading Latino voice in Democratic politics, is likely to

Boy Scouts’ decision to welcome girls isn’t completely welcome

(CNN)The Boy Scouts will soon include girls, and not everyone’s happy about it. “The historic decision comes after years of receiving requests from families and girls,” Boy Scouts of America said in a statement. The group said it considered input from current members and leaders before making the decision. BSA

Trump: We cannot aid Puerto Rico ‘forever’

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump suggested Thursday that Puerto Rico is going to have to shoulder more responsibility for recovery efforts from Hurricane Maria, saying the federal government’s emergency responders can’t stay there “forever.” Meanwhile, Texas and Florida — two states Trump won during last year’s presidential election — also were

Google, Facebook, Twitter Scramble to Hold Washington at Bay

Last month, Google summoned about 200 staff from around the world for an annual policy meeting. One agenda item was very different this time: How to deal with the sudden drumbeat of calls in the U.S. to regulate the company for being too big. The two-day retreat in Monterey, California,

Trump Threatens NBC License, Blasts Disgusting Free Press

President Comcast Corp. “With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!” he wrote in a tweet. The president doubled-down on the threat Wednesday night, saying on Twitter that “Network news has become

Each Zodiac Sign Has A Dark Side: Heres Yours

Flickr / Manuel Martin Aries (March 21st to April 19th) You fantasize about murder—but never suicide. You’re too egotistical to deprive the planet of your wonderful presence. Because it’s all about you…you…you…you become uncontrollably jealous when anyone gets more attention than you do, so you seek to crush them. You

Maybe You Deserve More Than Just A Text Back

God & Man It isn’t love you fear it’s rejection. It isn’t love you fear as much as pain. It isn’t love you fear it’s disappointment. You fear getting hurt like you did before. You’re more guarded. You associate caring with pain. You associate love with fear. You think back

Scientists Finally Found Where Half The Missing Matter Of The Universe Was Hiding

It took the latest observations of the universe and two independent teams of astronomers but finally, we found where the missing regular matter of the universe has been hiding. And no, it wasn’t behind the sofa. We think the universe is made of regular (or baryonic) matter, dark matter, and

bpost acquires Radial, formerly eBay enterprise, for $820M

The global e-commerce race — and how it is underpinned by logistics, delivery and economies of scale — continues to heat up. And today, the Belgian Post Group, also known as bpost, announced its latest move to bulk up its operations in North America. It has acquired Radial, the fulfilment