17 Taylor Swift “Dancing With Our Hands Tied” Captions For All Of Your Feels

17 Taylor Swift “Dancing With Our Hands Tied” Captions For All Of Your Feels

One celeb we can always count on to kill it with her musical talents is the one and only Taylor Swift. Thanks to her sixth studio album her presence is literally everywhere. And if you are a passionate Swiftie at heart, you’re definitely rolling in a treasure trove of lyrics for your Instagram captions and Twitter bios. Thanks to our main girl T. Swift, there are so many “Dancing With Our Hands Tied” captions you can use.

“Dancing With Our Hands Tied” is said to be about Tom Hiddleston, aka Thor’s semi-sinister brother, Loki, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While it could be about any former beau, dancing has been a part of Hiddleswift’s history highlighted in the media, and nothing Taylor does is on accident. Although we don’t know this for certain, this evidence the super romantic lyrics prove, to me, that it may very well be about Hiddleston.

But regardless on who it’s about, there’s no doubt that it’s a perfect song to draw inspo from for your next Instagram caption. One of the first lines that stuck out at me from the whole album is actually from this song (you’ll see below). So, here’s a definitive list on the best Instagram captions from “Dancing With Our Hands Tied” for any feeling you need to convey on your IG (in no particular order).

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This lyric can be used for a sweet snap with your bestie, or if you have an SO you want to highlight, you can use it for that. If you’re like me, you might use this line for a food shot (possibly of something dairy-related).


This can also be paired with a shot of your friends, or possibly a nature shot for those times when you’re feeling creative and artsy AF. This is such a short line, but the more I look at it, I really like it. It definitely highlights the purity of love at times.


This can go one of two ways. You can use this when you turn 25, for a crazy fun group picture with your ladies. Or, you can use it on your 26th birthday (or as a nostalgic #tbt to 25) as a “Wow, I really grew up and had no idea what sh*t was in store for me” kind of mood. It’s gold either way.



Speaking of gold, you can use this for another artsy pic of the sunset or sunrise. You can also coordinate some blue in there if you’d like. A shot of your boo would also make this caption super romantic (as I’m sure that’s how Swift meant it to be).


This is just a cute lyric all around. It’s definitely perfect for a couples shot of you and bae. You can obviously repurpose this for any occasion, but “your hands in my pockets” will hit that sentimental value right on the nose.


This is for that sultry post you’re cooking up. Whether you’re tied to someone at the moment, or you are single AF, this is a great thirst trap caption. It will certainly get the right people’s attention. *winks*



No caption needed for this caption. If you are a proud Swiftie and want to scream it from the rooftops, just use the title of the song!


A post about hard times or overcoming struggles would do well with this caption. Dancing through that hypothetical avalanche is no easy task, but once you’re out of it, it feels incredibly good. Why not celebrate with a Swift lyric?


This! This is my favorite line of this song and of possibly the whole album. I relate super hard with these words, just because I’m a mess quite often. And I may be embarrassed to say that I call dibs on this caption for a cute or fierce pic of myself in the near future.


Again, this is one of those lyrics that Swift is known for, and it’s great for another “you and boo” pic. Equating your love to the earth and saying your love for them is like the gravity keep you two together is pure poetry. Swift, you done did it again.


This gem is great for a shot of you and your girls dancing like there’s no tomorrow. No matter what’s going on in life, they have your back and you can dance through anything with them there.


Easy and simple, this is good for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is in the past tense, though… So do with that what you will.


When you’re determined, it shows. So use this as a caption for you at your new job or new apartment. You are so fierce and have accomplished a ton, and this line just captures that finesse , so well.



This can be a good caption for a group shot of you and your favorite girls. Again, we all go through some hefty obstacles to be the successful badasses we are today, and we have to go through the bad to get to the good. A triumphant smile is great for this one.


This is another good one for a sexy or just bomb-ass pic of you. No one can handle you because no one deserves you… because you’re just so You know your worth and, damn, work it. A smug smile is required for this one, too.


This song is about a relationship, so it’s no shock that the best pictures that can come out of this (caption-wise) are couple ones. A throwback to your first photo together, or even a recent shot of you two looking into each other’s eyes, is sure to get those likes up.


This is a pretty versatile lyric. In spite of things that may be out of your control, you and your best friend (or partner) have made it to where you are now. This is great for an anniversary shot, for sure.


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