I Will Never Forget What It Was Like To Love You

God & Man For a very long time, there remained a vague knot of something in my chest that I never was able to shake off. Over the past few years I have failed to put into words these tight contractions that embed itself at the core of my being; was it

Nigerian troops ‘raped rescued women’

Women and girls who have fled terrorist group Boko Haram are being raped by Nigerian soldiers, starved and forced to exchange food for sex, according to claims in a new report by human rights group Amnesty International. Read more about this at cnn.com.

Uber’s raising up to $600M in a secondary round at $62B valuation, Q1 sales grew to $2.5B

Uber’s CEO is in Paris this week meeting with the French president to talk tech in Europe and expanding its insurance coverage in the region, but back in the U.S. the company is moving ahead on another kind of expansion. TechCrunch has learned and confirmed that Uber is raising another secondary

A timeline of the Weinstein scandal

Harvey Weinstein, the man once synonymous with Hollywood whose alleged behavior started one of the most important conversations in the industry’s history, is now facing criminal charges. Read more about this at cnn.com.

‘Solo’ revives thrill of seeing new actors inhabit old roles

One of the intriguing aspects of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” involves whether fans embrace Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover as they approximate younger versions of Harrison Ford and Billy Dee Williams. And if that seems self-evident, given a recent trend in movies — and “Star Wars” in particular —

100+ Of The Best Cool Words For Speaking And Writing

Acceptance (n) The action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered Acquiesce (v) To accept something reluctantly but without protest Amenable (adj.) Open and responsive to suggestion Amicable (adj.) Friendly Apprehensive (adj.) Anxious or fearful that something bad / unpleasant will happen Authentic (adj.) Genuine Autonomy (n) The right